Scottish salmon

There are a lot of farmed salmons out there in the market some good and some bad, unfortunately the negative ones always tend to makes the spot light while the good ones tend to just get lumped in with the bad.  However, here at Groomer’s we want to shine some light on the positive, coming to […]


After a long, hard fought contest, we are proud to announce that we have our winners for our Big Green Egg for Easter Giveaway!!  We started this contest in January as a fun new way to attract potential seafood fans while rewarding ourcustomers with some great prizes for their support and recommendations.  The prizes were awarded […]

Green Egg

  With Easter just around the corner, precious time is dwindling away on your chance to win what quite possibly may be the last Grill you will ever own, the awesome Big Green Egg.  Even though the contest will be wrapping up on March 31st, you still have more than a full week to claim […]


I don’t know about you but I hate winter.  Nothing about the cold weather intrigues me and by this time of year I am more than ready to shake off that layer of ice with a good old fashioned crawfish boil.  There is something about firing up my boiler and cooking up a couple of […]

Leslie w Halibut

Snow white, flaky, with firm yet delicately sweet flesh, fresh halibut is one of the all-time most popular items in the seafood world.  Prized by chefs for its great versatility in the kitchen and loved by diners for its unbelievably mild sweet flavor, halibut is a must try item for any seafood lover.  Lucky for […]

  We have a very special treat for everyone who will be coming to visit us this upcoming Friday and Saturday.  One of the most talented chefs in the Alamo City, Brian Sperl, is bringing his 30 years of applied experience in the restaurant industry to Groomer’s Seafood. Chef Sperl has an extensive knowledge of […]

Spanish Seafood Paella

Looking to make a traditional Spanish seafood dish that is sure to please both your eyes and your taste buds?  Without a doubt the best known is going tobe the prodigious Spanish Seafood Paella.  This beautiful dish is perfect for your next big dinner party or even when you just want to impress the family […]

At Groomer’s we just had a huge load of Gulf Texas Brown Shrimp delivered to our door from Port Isabel Texas.  Come and get your shrimp today!!!  

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