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Scottish Loch Duart Salmon

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There are a lot of farmed salmons out there in the market some good and some bad, unfortunately the negative ones always tend to makes the spot light while the good ones tend to just get lumped in with the bad.  However, here at Groomer’s we want to shine some light on the positive, coming to us in the form of the Scottish Loch Duart Salmon.  Farmed out of the Eddrachillies Bay, the Loch Duart company has gone to some pretty substantial lengths to produce quality salmon in a sustainable fashion.  Loch Duart practices what’s known as “integrated multi-trophic aquaculture” by growing native sea urchins and seaweed onsite which creates a more natural ecology and “nutrient balancing.” What people will probably enjoy most is that there are no chemical anti-fouling treatments on nets or moorings and fish are reared without hormones, antibiotics, growth promoters, grow-lights or GMOs. What I personally like is that they hand feed their salmon, causing them to grow slower which results in a  lower fat content than industrial salmon, and a  better tasting fish. The high quality meat is absolutely perfect on the grill either wood planked or straight on the cooking grates, these buttery salmon fillets can also be sauteed, broiled, baked, poached, or even smoked to create the dish of your liking. Experience the difference for yourself on your next visit to Groomer’s, you won’t be disappointed.



-by Blake Groomer

Wrapping up the Big Green Egg Contest

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With Easter just around the corner, precious time is dwindling away on your chance to win what quite possibly may be the last Grill you will ever own, the awesome Big Green Egg.  Even though the contest will be wrapping up on March 31st, you still have more than a full week to claim the prize, so don’t forget to go sign up here for your chance.  We may be late in the 4th quarter yet all of the prizes are still in play so don’t let a great opportunity like this pass you up!!


Now it’s time to go over a few rules about how the contest ends.  For those of you who are either on the leaderboard or planning on being there come March 31st, please read the information below to find out how to claim your prize.


The “Win an Egg for Easter” contest officially ends on March 31st, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time.  At that time, the system will shut down and no more votes will be counted.  The winners of the contest will be selected by having the largest amount of referrals signed up for the Giveaway. If there is a tie the winner will be determined by the contestant who reached the total first. The winners will be notified of their victory on Monday, April 2nd either by email or phone.  The prizes will be awarded on Saturday, April 7th at 1:00 P.M. here at Groomer’s Seafood.


The next part is very important!!!

 WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT AT THE GIVEAWAY IN ORDER TO CLAIM A PRIZE.  If we are unable to locate the winner or they are not present on the giveaway date, the next person in line will receive the prize.


We look forward to seeing all of you on that date and good luck in the last few weeks of the contest!!

For the official rules and regulations of the contest click here.

I don’t know about you but I hate winter.  Nothing about the cold weather intrigues me and by this time of year I am more than ready to shake off that layer of ice with a good old fashioned crawfish boil.  There is something about firing up my boiler and cooking up a couple of bags of “crawdads” along with some potatoes, corn on the cob, and some Cajun spices that lets me know that Spring has arrived and I can finally put the long sleeves away.  Well guys that time has arrived and Groomer’s Seafood is more than happy to be your crawfish headquarters.  Read below for a few tips from us on how to make your own Crawfish Boil the talk of the town.

  • Plan on ordering at least 2 to 3 pounds of crawfish per adult at your boil.  Bigger eaters like myself, may need 4 to 5 pounds.  When ordering crawfish from Groomer’s Seafood, make sure to call us the week before your big boil so that we can set aside a bag of crawfish with your name on it.
  • When you get your crawfish, rinse them down in the mesh bag they come in with a hose and then place them in a cooler with a bag of ice.  Make sure you leave the drain unplugged so the crawfish don’t sit in cold water.  Cover the sack with a wet burlap sack or towels.  If left alone and unstressed the crawfish will keep for 1-2 days.
  • The golden rule with crawfish is that you must purge the little buggers to remove all the muck that comes with living down in the mud.  To do this, right before boiling, pour the sack of crawfish in a small children’s pool or ice chest, cover with one box of salt, and add enough water to just cover the crawfish.  Gently stir for 3-4 minutes, drain, and then rinse the crawfish with a hose.  While purging, throw away “floaters”, which are dead crawfish. You don’t want these going in your boil.
  • As for a recipe, everyone has their own take on what to add to the pot but for me personally, I like to throw in a couple of bags of Slap Ya Mama Crawfish Boil, 8-10 lemon halves,  3-4 small onions, chopped up smoked sausage, a package of whole mushrooms, 8-10 medium Yukon Gold or Red Potatoes, 10-15 ears of corn (shucked and broken in half), 5-6 heads of garlic (cut in half to expose the pods), and of course enough water to fill your 60 – 80 quart pot at least halfway.  Add everything but the crawfish and simmer for about 15 minutes or until potatoes and corn are cooked.  Throw in the crawfish last and cook for about 5 minutes before adding ice to the pot to let the water cool and the crawfish suck in more flavor.  Pour out on table covered with newspapers and dig in.  Enjoy!!!

Invite as many of your close friends as you can, ask them to bring the beverages, and you’re in for a great and delicious party.  Groomer’s only brings in the graded, jumbo crawfish to ensure you’re getting a restaurant quality giant mudbug just like the ones they have down in the bayou.  Skip the little dinkers you get at the grocery store and do your boil right by getting them here at Groomer’s Seafood.

Snow white, flaky, with firm yet delicately sweet flesh, fresh halibut is one of the all-time most popular items in the seafood world.  Prized by chefs for its great versatility in the kitchen and loved by diners for its unbelievably mild sweet flavor, halibut is a must try item for any seafood lover.  Lucky for you fish lovers, March 17th at noon marks the opening of the Alaskan commercial halibut season, meaning Groomer’s will soon be bringing in those beautiful and delicious treasures of the Alaskan depths.

Halibut is a flatfish from the flounder family, but unlike the relatively small flounder, the halibut is literally a giant of the ocean depths.  Halibut fisherman call some of these fish “barn doors” because of their large size with catches reported of  up to 600 plus pounds.  Their range stretches all over most of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with the largest concentrations off the coasts of Alaska, Norway, Russia, and Japan.  Although the fish is delicious no matter where it came from we at Groomer’s feel that the Alaskan variety is incomparable to halibut coming from other regions.

As a food fish halibut yields a thick flaky white fillet, which is well suited for many types of cooking.  It has no overpowering flavor and takes well to any sauce or seasoning.  It is an excellent source of high-quality protein and minerals, low in sodium, fat, and calories and contains very few bones.  Many recipes are available for broiling, baking, deep frying, pan frying, poaching, and sautéing.  Its firm texture also makes it ideal for the grill, skewers, or in a soup or ceviche.  In recent years the fish has even become very commonly eaten sashimi style or raw in rolls or by itself with a bit of soy sauce or wasabi.  With halibut you really cannot go wrong with the method used to prepare the fish but you must be careful not to overcook/dry out your fish due to halibut’s low oil content.

Here at Groomer Seafood we work hard to offer the absolute freshest halibut available.  We work closely with the individual boat owners and carefully monitor when and where their boats will be docking so that the product we purchase can be quickly packaged and delivered to the nearest airport.  Most of the time we are able to have the product shipped from the boat to the warehouse in as little as 8 hours.   So get ready for another exciting and delicious Halibut season starting up March 17th!! See you guys here.  


We have a very special treat for everyone who will be coming to visit us this upcoming Friday and Saturday.  One of the most talented chefs in the Alamo City, Brian Sperl, is bringing his 30 years of applied experience in the restaurant industry to Groomer’s Seafood. Chef Sperl has an extensive knowledge of French “Haute” (high level food), Creole, Cajun, Southwestern, and Tex-Mex cuisine and will be showcasing a few basic dishes that you can do in your own kitchen.  We here at Groomer’s are absolutely ecstatic to have a Chef of Brian’s caliber (1996 Silver Medal winner of the Seafood Cook-Off at the Southwest Food Expo) as our guest chef this weekend and gladly invite all who are interested in see a top level culinary mind cook some seafood to come on out and watch him work. He will be coming in on Friday from about Noon-Four P.M. and on Saturday from about 9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. Bring any questions you have for Chef Sperl as well as a hungry belly as he will be serving samples of some of the dishes he will be preparing. Hope to see you guys here!!

Weekly Specials

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Groomer’s Seafood Customer Appreciation Giveaway!

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