Snow white, flaky, with firm yet delicately sweet flesh, fresh halibut is one of the all-time most popular items in the seafood world.  Prized by chefs for its great versatility in the kitchen and loved by diners for its unbelievably mild sweet flavor, halibut is a must try item for any seafood lover.  Lucky for you fish lovers, March 17th at noon marks the opening of the Alaskan commercial halibut season, meaning Groomer’s will soon be bringing in those beautiful and delicious treasures of the Alaskan depths.

Halibut is a flatfish from the flounder family, but unlike the relatively small flounder, the halibut is literally a giant of the ocean depths.  Halibut fisherman call some of these fish “barn doors” because of their large size with catches reported of  up to 600 plus pounds.  Their range stretches all over most of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with the largest concentrations off the coasts of Alaska, Norway, Russia, and Japan.  Although the fish is delicious no matter where it came from we at Groomer’s feel that the Alaskan variety is incomparable to halibut coming from other regions.

As a food fish halibut yields a thick flaky white fillet, which is well suited for many types of cooking.  It has no overpowering flavor and takes well to any sauce or seasoning.  It is an excellent source of high-quality protein and minerals, low in sodium, fat, and calories and contains very few bones.  Many recipes are available for broiling, baking, deep frying, pan frying, poaching, and sautéing.  Its firm texture also makes it ideal for the grill, skewers, or in a soup or ceviche.  In recent years the fish has even become very commonly eaten sashimi style or raw in rolls or by itself with a bit of soy sauce or wasabi.  With halibut you really cannot go wrong with the method used to prepare the fish but you must be careful not to overcook/dry out your fish due to halibut’s low oil content.

Here at Groomer Seafood we work hard to offer the absolute freshest halibut available.  We work closely with the individual boat owners and carefully monitor when and where their boats will be docking so that the product we purchase can be quickly packaged and delivered to the nearest airport.  Most of the time we are able to have the product shipped from the boat to the warehouse in as little as 8 hours.   So get ready for another exciting and delicious Halibut season starting up March 17th!! See you guys here.