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Break Out The Corn and Potatoes- It's Crawfish Time!!

Break Out The Corn and Potatoes- It's Crawfish Time!!

Break out the corn on the cob and potatoes, crawfish season starts next week! Don't be the only house on the block not taking advantage of this years crop of world famous Louisiana mudbugs! No need to drive down to LA yourself, Groomer's Seafood trucks them straight to our store for you to pick up for your weekend boil. There's just nothing as delicious as a good freshly boiled crawfish feast, but before you get too excited and start sending your pre-orders for this weekend in, let's go over a few pointers and the proper way to eat this cajun delicacy. 

1. Invite the family and friends! Crawfish isn't meant to be a solo meal! Don't be shellfish and invite the the crew!

2. Pre-order your crawfish. You will eat A LOT of crawfish. Trust me. I can plow through 5 pounds like nothing, but your typical eater will eat about 2-3 pounds. Our sacks average at about 34 pounds so they will feed around 12 or so people. 
3. After the crawfish have been boiled and you're staring face to face with your bright red mudbug, slow down and grab a bib. Things are going to get messy. Once you're properly protected, pinch the head of the crawfish between two fingers with one hand and hold the tail with your other hand. Then twist the head. 
4. This is where casual crawfish eaters are separated from serious cajuns, if you're serious suck the juices from the head of the crawfish. There's a ton of flavor in there, if you think you'd rather pass, no worries, skip this step or harvest all the heads for your true cajun buddies at the meal. 
5. Peel the shell off the tail. This is where most of the meat is. Pinch the shell that covers the tail to crack it and then remove. The more you do this the faster this process will get. So don't worry if the first few take a little while. 

6. Don't eat that tail just yet! Clean it off first. Hold the tail with one hand and peel back the outer layer of skin from the top of the crawfish meat with your other hand. This will remove the undesirable bits in one swift motion.
7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until royally stuffed. Peel whatever you don't eat and save to make gumbo, etouffee, or even crawfish fettuccine! 
Alright that's it! Now you're a true mudbug eatin' expert so get on making that pre-order! We are taking pre-orders every Monday and Tuesday for Friday pick up here in the SA store(place your orders here!). Corpus Christi customers can place their orders by calling them in to 361-730-1514. At this time we are not shipping any live crawfish! Though, it could be a possibility in the future!
  • Blake Groomer
Show Your Heart Some Love With Seafood

Show Your Heart Some Love With Seafood

In 2008, almost one in every four deaths was due to heart disease. I hate to start this article with such a grim statistic, but the fact is heart disease is very real, and is the #1 killer of Americans. This affects many of our friends, families, and even ourselves. I’ve been able to see a glimpse of the pain heart disease can cause, with my wife who lost her father to this silent killer. What may be sadder than these facts is many don’t know that one simple dietary change of eating seafood twice a week can do wonders for your heart health.

Seafood is a lean protein packed with things good for your heart, including essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, along with selenium, vitamins and minerals. And it’s no coincidence that the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recommends even more seafood as it is included in such heart-healthy dietary patterns as in the Mediterranean diet and DASH Eating Plan.

Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian of the Harvard School of Public Health has stated that “seafood is likely the single most important food one can consume for good health.” In his research studies, Dr. Mozaffarian observed that eating seafood twice a week reduced the risks of dying from heart disease by 36 percent!

Given the amount of data demonstrating the health benefits of seafood, it is surprising to learn that, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), only one in five American adults and one in 10 American children eat the twice-per-week amount of seafood recommended by the USDA/HHS Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

This makes sense though believe it or not. In my experience the top reasons people don’t eat seafood (even if they know it’s good for them) is that they simply don’t know how to cook or order it. I can understand that. In this day, we’re very used to getting things pre-packaged at the super market and the transition of moving from that to an open ended “how much mahi-mahi would you like” kind of question can be a little intimidating. To make matters worse, the question in the back of the head is “okay, even if I order this right…. how am I even going to cook it?” Does this sound like you?

This is where your hometown seafood experts at Groomer’s Seafood come in. Our crew is here for you! We will take the time to tell you exactly how to cook your seafood, what kind of portions you’ll need and we can even print recipes for you. Most seafood that is eaten these days is at restaurants, but if you’re looking to do that twice a week that can really add up in terms of money! Learning to cook seafood at home is ideal for most people and is something that both your heart and your tastebuds will really appreciate.

Don't live by one of our locations? Remember we do ship! And the more you order the more you save on each fillet! We also have a recipe section where you can find many of our homemade recipes catered to be simple and delicious. 

  So come on down to show your heart a little bit of love, we’ll show you just how easy, fun and delicious seafood can really be! 

The Feast Of The Seven Fishes

The Feast Of The Seven Fishes

     It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Families come together, presents are given, and best of all good food is enjoyed between people who love each other. Seafood is actually one of the most popular items to feature on the Holiday dinner table, and the reason why stems from the Christmas tradition known as the Feast of The Seven Fishes. While the number doesn’t always have to be 7, the main point of this Italian tradition is a big feast of varied types of delicious seafood. Want to try this out for you and your family? Here’s a few easy recipes to try out this year!  

Baked Cod Fillet
2ea. 8oz Fresh Cod Portions
1oz Fresh Olive Oil
1ea. Sprig of Thyme
1ea. Sprig of Basil
1ea. Fresh Lemon
4oz Butter
2oz White Wine
Sea Salt & Pepper
Aluminum foil

Chop all herbs, toss Cod fillets in Olive Oil and Herbs season with Salt & Pepper. Place Seasoned Cod fillet  in Foil creating a pocket. Cut butter in cubes an place in the foil add white wine and juice of lemon. Seal Foil creating a steam pocket, bake for 12 minutes on Med High Heat on grill.

Whole Grilled Branzino
1ea. Whole Branzino Gilled, gutted and scaled Butterflied
4oz Whole Unsalted Butter
1ea. Sprig of Thyme
1ea. Sprig Rosemary
1ea. Sprig Basil
2ea. Whole Garlic Gloves.

Melt and Clarify Butter,  fine chop all herbs and add Garlic to Clarified butter.
Brush Branzino on inside and out and set on grill. Cook until temperature of 145 degrees. Brush Butter on Branzino before removing from fire.

Bacon Wrapped Colossal Gulf Shrimp
12ea.  Peel & Devein Extra Jumbo Shrimp (16/20 count)
12ea. Maple Bacon Sliced
4oz Cream Cheese
2ea. LG jalapeno

 Butterfly Shrimp Length wise, spread cream cheese on the shrimp. Slice Jalapeño length wise and add a slice to the shrimp. Wrap Shrimp, cream cheese and jalapeño with  Bacon use a toothpick to hold Bacon in place. Grill on Med High heat until 145 degrees.
  • Blake Groomer
The Weather Outside Is Frightful, And Gumbo Is So Delightful

The Weather Outside Is Frightful, And Gumbo Is So Delightful

     It's times like these where being a fishmonger really pays off, because nothing, and I mean nothing, warms you up like a Seafood Gumbo. But it's not just us mongers who get to pick from the best seafood in the Lone Star State, everyone of our beloved customers do too! 
     Now, gumbo recipes are something sacred to a lot of people. Everyone has their own way of doing things, which is actually one of the appeals of gumbo, as no one does it exactly the same. Some (like me!) love gumbo so spicy you start to sweat, others like to keep things hot in temperature but mild in terms of spice, some like to use mixes, others keep things old fashioned by making their own roux and everything from scratch. I say, make what you love. Experiment. Try different fish, add oysters, go for some chicken, use different stocks, see what you like the best! Believe it or not, this is how I found out that my favorite fish to put in Gumbo is actually cubed up chunks of salmon. I know that sounds crazy! But seriously, try it, I love it and I think you may too. 
  • Blake Groomer
Cajun Thanksgiving Sides

Cajun Thanksgiving Sides

Are you looking to add some flair to your upcoming Thanksgiving meal? Look no further than our line from La Boucherie!  

La Boucherie, literally translated from French, means "The Butcher Shop."  The owners of La Boucherie are proud descendants of the Hollier and Broussard families from Abbeville, Louisiana, located in the heart of Acadiana, or what is frequently called "Cajun Country."  Most of La Boucherie's recipes have actually been handed down for many generations!

What does La Boucherie have to add to the Holiday feast this year? Crawfish pies, shrimp pies, seafood gumbo, crawfish etouffee, creamed spinach, sweet potato casseroles, broccoli and rice plates, crawfish fettuccine, green bean casseroles and more! Come on down to check them out! These items come frozen and only need to be heated up. They're fast, simple and best of all, deliciously cajun!

  • Blake Groomer
The Fish Thanksgiving, Straight From The Net To Your Door!

The Fish Thanksgiving, Straight From The Net To Your Door!


    I know what you’re thinking. “What does fish have to do with Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is all about Turkey!” Well, maybe to some, but believe it or not Thanksgiving is one of our heaviest times of the year. Why is that? Just look at the first Thanksgiving, or perhaps I should say, the “Fish” Thanksgiving! 

     At the First Thanksgiving, turkey was actually not the main attraction. Being in a coastal area,  seafood was in fact one of the main stars of the Thanksgiving show. Lobster, mussels, clams, oysters, and eels made up the bulk of the menu. Fresh cod and bass were also served up by the dozen. In fact, it was said that Chief Massasoit went to and from the ocean “carrying as many eels as he could handle”.

     Today the tradition of seafood still holds true in many households. In the Northeast, lobster is commonly found side by side with the turkey, on the West Coast it’s not unheard of to have a nice slab of salmon in the center of the table and here in the Gulf region, especially in Louisiana, seafood-heavy jambalaya and oyster stuffings are Thanksgiving dinner staples. And now, you can have these traditions delivered right to your door! 

    That’s right! Groomer’s Seafood has just launched an entire new division for online next day delivery orders. No more traffic, no more long holiday lines, now you can order straight from the “net” and have it delivered right to your door! So if you’re looking to pass on the food coma from the Turkey and go with some healthy, delicious ocean bounty, now is the time! What do I recommend? Well, if I had to recommend  just one seafood item to try, I’d have to suggest gulf oysters for oyster stuffing, you just haven’t lived until you’ve had an oyster stuffing filled with fresh shucked gulf oysters. There’s a reason this dish goes back all the way to the 1600’s. 

    How do you order? The process is simple, just go to and and go to “ship seafood”. There you’ll find all the collections (shellfish, fish fillets, whole fish, etc.) and you can choose the amount of each item you’d like. Then, just check out and we will do the rest! Your order will be packed in a sturdy, insulated box and kept nice and cold. If you're not going to be home during the day of delivery, have no worries! Your product will sit just fine until the end of the day right outside your door. All orders must be in by 2:00 p.m. central time to go out for next day delivery. You can also choose to send product to loved ones, remember to think of your out of town friends and family this Holiday season! 

     Want to try a Fishgiving but need ideas for what to serve?? Stay tuned in the following days for some of our new Thanksgiving Recipes!!  

  • Blake Groomer