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Break Out The Corn and Potatoes- It's Crawfish Time!!

Break Out The Corn and Potatoes- It's Crawfish Time!!

Break out the corn on the cob and potatoes, crawfish season starts next week! Don't be the only house on the block not taking advantage of this years crop of world famous Louisiana mudbugs! No need to drive down to LA yourself, Groomer's Seafood trucks them straight to our store for you to pick up for your weekend boil. There's just nothing as delicious as a good freshly boiled crawfish feast, but before you get too excited and start sending your pre-orders for this weekend in, let's go over a few pointers and the proper way to eat this cajun delicacy. 

1. Invite the family and friends! Crawfish isn't meant to be a solo meal! Don't be shellfish and invite the the crew!

2. Pre-order your crawfish. You will eat A LOT of crawfish. Trust me. I can plow through 5 pounds like nothing, but your typical eater will eat about 2-3 pounds. Our sacks average at about 34 pounds so they will feed around 12 or so people. 
3. After the crawfish have been boiled and you're staring face to face with your bright red mudbug, slow down and grab a bib. Things are going to get messy. Once you're properly protected, pinch the head of the crawfish between two fingers with one hand and hold the tail with your other hand. Then twist the head. 
4. This is where casual crawfish eaters are separated from serious cajuns, if you're serious suck the juices from the head of the crawfish. There's a ton of flavor in there, if you think you'd rather pass, no worries, skip this step or harvest all the heads for your true cajun buddies at the meal. 
5. Peel the shell off the tail. This is where most of the meat is. Pinch the shell that covers the tail to crack it and then remove. The more you do this the faster this process will get. So don't worry if the first few take a little while. 

6. Don't eat that tail just yet! Clean it off first. Hold the tail with one hand and peel back the outer layer of skin from the top of the crawfish meat with your other hand. This will remove the undesirable bits in one swift motion.
7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until royally stuffed. Peel whatever you don't eat and save to make gumbo, etouffee, or even crawfish fettuccine! 
Alright that's it! Now you're a true mudbug eatin' expert so get on making that pre-order! We are taking pre-orders every Monday and Tuesday for Friday pick up here in the SA store(place your orders here!). Corpus Christi customers can place their orders by calling them in to 361-730-1514. At this time we are not shipping any live crawfish! Though, it could be a possibility in the future!

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