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Cajun Thanksgiving Sides

Cajun Thanksgiving Sides

Are you looking to add some flair to your upcoming Thanksgiving meal? Look no further than our line from La Boucherie!  

La Boucherie, literally translated from French, means "The Butcher Shop."  The owners of La Boucherie are proud descendants of the Hollier and Broussard families from Abbeville, Louisiana, located in the heart of Acadiana, or what is frequently called "Cajun Country."  Most of La Boucherie's recipes have actually been handed down for many generations!

What does La Boucherie have to add to the Holiday feast this year? Crawfish pies, shrimp pies, seafood gumbo, crawfish etouffee, creamed spinach, sweet potato casseroles, broccoli and rice plates, crawfish fettuccine, green bean casseroles and more! Come on down to check them out! These items come frozen and only need to be heated up. They're fast, simple and best of all, deliciously cajun!

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  • Blake Groomer