• Seafood Bites: Omega 3's and Kids

    As our kids begin a new year of school and we begin to plan out meals, remember that their development is aided not just by good education, but also from good nutrients! As a young child develops, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid, is crucial for supporting connections among neuro... View Post
  • Seafood Bites: Hair Health and Seafood

    Did you know that your hair is an outward indication of your overall health? Are you constantly finding your hair to be duller and more brittle than it used to be? This could be your bodies way of telling you it's time to make some changes. While there's always the expensive salon treatment to m... View Post
  • Seafood Bites: The Secret To Better Sleep May Be Tastier Than You Think!

      Let's face it, our schedules these days makes a good nights sleep hard to come by. Stress, work, kids, bills, and more all contribute to making it sometimes near impossible to fall or stay asleep at night, and to stay awake during the day. The lack of rest then overflows into all other areas o... View Post