• Wild Salmon Season Is Here!!!

     We are at the time of the year that all true seafoodies look forward to. I am of course talking about the season of Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon, one of the best tastes of the summer time! Full of flavor, rich in omega-3's, and sustainably caught, wild salmon is the perfect choice for weekend ba... View Post
  • Break Out The Corn and Potatoes- It's Crawfish Time!!

    Break out the corn on the cob and potatoes, crawfish season starts next week! Don't be the only house on the block not taking advantage of this years crop of world famous Louisiana mudbugs! No need to drive down to LA yourself, Groomer's Seafood trucks them straight to our store for you to pick... View Post
  • Cajun Thanksgiving Sides

    Are you looking to add some flair to your upcoming Thanksgiving meal? Look no further than our line from La Boucherie!   La Boucherie, literally translated from French, means "The Butcher Shop."  The owners of La Boucherie are proud descendants of the Hollier and Broussard families from Abbevill... View Post