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The Fish Thanksgiving, Straight From The Net To Your Door!

The Fish Thanksgiving, Straight From The Net To Your Door!


    I know what you’re thinking. “What does fish have to do with Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is all about Turkey!” Well, maybe to some, but believe it or not Thanksgiving is one of our heaviest times of the year. Why is that? Just look at the first Thanksgiving, or perhaps I should say, the “Fish” Thanksgiving! 

     At the First Thanksgiving, turkey was actually not the main attraction. Being in a coastal area,  seafood was in fact one of the main stars of the Thanksgiving show. Lobster, mussels, clams, oysters, and eels made up the bulk of the menu. Fresh cod and bass were also served up by the dozen. In fact, it was said that Chief Massasoit went to and from the ocean “carrying as many eels as he could handle”.

     Today the tradition of seafood still holds true in many households. In the Northeast, lobster is commonly found side by side with the turkey, on the West Coast it’s not unheard of to have a nice slab of salmon in the center of the table and here in the Gulf region, especially in Louisiana, seafood-heavy jambalaya and oyster stuffings are Thanksgiving dinner staples. And now, you can have these traditions delivered right to your door! 

    That’s right! Groomer’s Seafood has just launched an entire new division for online next day delivery orders. No more traffic, no more long holiday lines, now you can order straight from the “net” and have it delivered right to your door! So if you’re looking to pass on the food coma from the Turkey and go with some healthy, delicious ocean bounty, now is the time! What do I recommend? Well, if I had to recommend  just one seafood item to try, I’d have to suggest gulf oysters for oyster stuffing, you just haven’t lived until you’ve had an oyster stuffing filled with fresh shucked gulf oysters. There’s a reason this dish goes back all the way to the 1600’s. 

    How do you order? The process is simple, just go to and and go to “ship seafood”. There you’ll find all the collections (shellfish, fish fillets, whole fish, etc.) and you can choose the amount of each item you’d like. Then, just check out and we will do the rest! Your order will be packed in a sturdy, insulated box and kept nice and cold. If you're not going to be home during the day of delivery, have no worries! Your product will sit just fine until the end of the day right outside your door. All orders must be in by 2:00 p.m. central time to go out for next day delivery. You can also choose to send product to loved ones, remember to think of your out of town friends and family this Holiday season! 

     Want to try a Fishgiving but need ideas for what to serve?? Stay tuned in the following days for some of our new Thanksgiving Recipes!!  

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  • Blake Groomer