Butter Ghee Salmon

2 pieces 8 Ounce Cut of  Salmon skin on 
Olive Oil
1 Bunch of Asparagus tips
1 Tablespoon Butter Ghee
8 ounces Blue Crab Jumbo Lump Meat
1 bottle of capers in juice
Juice of Half a lemon
Salt and Pepper To Taste


1. Salt and Pepper Coho salmon and sauté skin side down at a medium high heat with olive oil for 6 minutes.
2. Pour Butter Ghee into pan and allow to cook, once melted baste salmon with the butter for another 3 minutes or until salmon is cooked to the desired amount.
3. Remove salmon and plate. Cook asparagus for 2 minutes in the remaining ghee, then add the crab meat to cook for 90 seconds, salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add  the juice of half a lemon and a splash of the caper juice along with one teaspoon of capers and cook for 1 minute mixing the flavors together.
5. Remove pan contents and plate on top of the salmon to give the best flavor.
6. Enjoy!

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