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Bay Scallops - Groomer's Seafood

Bay Scallops

Fresh, sweet, pearls of joy. Bay scallops are perfect for stews, sautéing, baking, ceviche, and more!   Each portion is 7-9 Ounces. This is a fresh item. 

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Countneck Clams - Groomer's Seafood

Countneck Clams

Fresh medium sized clams from the East Coast. Perfect for steaming in a white wine sauce. Each bag has about 80-100 clams and weighs on an average of 8 pounds. ...

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Jumbo U-10 Scallops - Groomer's Seafood

Jumbo U-10 Scallops

True East Coast treasures, these Jumbo Scallops are dry packed, meaning they are chemical free, unlike the majority of scallops sold in the United States. Searing is the method of...

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King Crab - Groomer's Seafood

King Crab


The King is King. Snow, Dungeness, Stone, or blue, crab just doesn't stack up next to this item. Taste-wise, true red king crab is the best in the world. The...

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Maine Lobster Tails - Groomer's Seafood

Maine Lobster Tails


Prepare for finest of dining delivered right to your door. Nothing stirs up excitement for a meal quite like Maine Lobster. The sweet, succulent flavor needs to only be complimented...

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Mussels (Prince Edward Island) - Groomer's Seafood

Mussels (Prince Edward Island)

Fresh, beautiful cleaned mussels from the Prince Edward Islands. Great for steaming, throwing into a soup, of serving over pasta.  Each bag is on average 10 pounds.  This is a...

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Stone Crab Claws - Groomer's Seafood

Stone Crab Claws

A Florida staple and arguably a crab meat even more delicious than King Crab. Sweet and buttery and fully cooked. This item can be served hot or even cold with...

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Texas Gulf Oyster Meat - Groomer's Seafood

Texas Gulf Oyster Meat


Freshly Shucked Gulf Oyster meat, perfect for frying, our putting in an oyster stew!  The more you buy the more you save!   This is a fresh item. 

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