Lobster Tails

Fresh Lobster Market

Of the many kinds of delicious shellfish available on the market, probably none is as popular nor as prized as lobster. Its versatility and rich flavor make it a staple of seafood dishes all over the world. Lobster meat appears in all kinds of recipes, from pastas to salads and sandwiches. Lobster tail is a staple at any decent steakhouse, and whole lobster is widely considered the creme de la creme of seafood dining.

Although there are many types of lobster, by far the most common in American markets are Canadian and Maine lobster, two variations of the same species of clawed cold-water lobsters. These varieties are commonly used as wholesale lobster meat due to their sweet flavor and large, meaty claws. Wholesale lobsters can be found in soft- or hard-shelled varieties depending on the time of year.

San Antonio Wholesale Lobster

All this diversity and high demand can make the lobster market difficult to navigate, whether you’re looking for a single live lobster or wholesale lobster tails. As one of the oldest and best-established seafood sellers in San Antonio, Groomers brings years of expertise to our inventory of fresh lobster and other seafood. In fact, every year we ship over 250 tons of product to restaurants, chefs and markets all over America!

We’re large, but family-run, and proud to be San Antonio’s go-to for high quality seafood. A customer-first attitude colors everything we do – we don’t have poundages, time limits or minimums, and do whatever we can to make the customer happy. We also recognize our responsibility to the oceans that supply our product, and make sure to keep our business practices in line with sustainability standards. For both wholesale lobster meat and premium lobster knuckle, you can count on Groomers!