Your Hometown Seafood Experts

Meet The Family


 Groomer's Seafood is a family legacy that began in the late 1800's and is still going strong. Meet the three generations that run the business today! 

Giby Groomer- The Patriarch
The Captain and Commander in Chief of Groomer's Seafood. Without Giby, this company just wouldn't exist. Everything we know that was passed down was earned by the sweat of this man's brow. Giby continues to come in every day and handles our refrigeration, and monitors production and quality to make sure our customers get the best product on the market.  

Rick Groomer- The CodFather
The President and CEO of Groomer's Seafood as well as the eldest of Giby's sons. Rick grew up with his dad and brothers fishing, shrimping, and selling their catch to the locals. Today, Rick is seen as a top authority in the seafood world, oversees all of our accounts, and provides the vision of the company. 

Mike Groomer- The Brain
The CFO and numbers guy of Groomer's Seafood. Mike grew up with his three other brothers and Father fishing out of the lower Laguna Madre.  With product pricing changing daily, you need a guy on your team like Mike Groomer. While his brother Rick is the front and face of the company, Mike provides the structure and support needed to keep this ship afloat. 

Blake Groomer- The Pirate 
Head of our Retail and Online Sales Divisions, Blake is the 3rd generation of Groomer here at Groomer's Seafood. Though only 24, this young man grew up at our warehouse being taught by Giby Groomer himself how to be a true Fishmonger.