Live Crawfish Sack-Saturday December 19th Pick Up


33 Pound Average Sack.

Can only be picked up Saturday December 19th.

These will not be graded and sized yet as we are still very early in the season. We also strongly encourage you to plan your boils for the same day as your pick up. As a fair warning the crawfish are still not fully hard shell, so shelf life is minimum at best! In other words, these guys may not make it if you hold them 2 or even 1 day. This should change as they get heartier later in the season.
How does this product come?
Pre-orders this year will be done only by the sack. Each sack will average about 33 pounds.
How much should I get?
Plan on ordering at least 3-5 pounds of crawfish per adult at your boil. Bigger eaters may need 5-7 pounds.
Do I need to wash them?
Simply stated, purging crawfish is a myth, it does nothing to really affect the interior of the crawfish. All you really to do this, right before boiling, pour the sack of crawfish in a small children’s pool or ice chest, and add enough water to just cover the crawfish. Gently stir for 3-4 minutes, drain, and then rinse the crawfish with a hose. While purging, throw away “floaters”, which are dead crawfish. You don’t want these going in your boil.
Live Product Risk:
This is a live product out of it’s natural habitat and early in it’s season. While we will do everything we can to mitigate it, dead loss can be significant at this stage. You purchase this item at your own risk and we will not honor any refunds for dead loss this early in the season. We will pack your crawfish with ice for travel in one of our boxes. Should you choose to store your mudbugs, keep them in a cool, moist environment. The best place is in a cooler with ice on the bottom, newspaper/paper towels to separate and damp newspaper or paper towels on top. Be sure to keep the lid cracked so they can breathe!

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