Black Drum Per Pound


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What's our top selling fish? Tuna? Salmon? Red Snapper? Not even close. By far, Black Drum is the most demanded fish fillet in the market and it's not hard to figure out why. The flavor of the Black Drum is one of the best kept secrets of the seafood world, it's mild, light, flaky and sweet. An excellent substitute from Redfish or Red Snapper. This item is extremely versatile, well suited for blackening, baking and grilling, but in my opinion there is nothing quite as good as a battered and fried black drum fillet.

As we move both wholesale and retail, we may on occasion be unable to fill a whole or a part of an order. Should this happen we will contact you on the phone number given at check out for a refund or a substitute. 

Please indicate in the notes whether you would like skin on or off. If nothing is indicated we will leave the skin on. 

As this is a hand cut item, all orders are "catch weight" meaning we get as close as possible to the desired weight. 

This is a fresh item sold by the pound, please indicate above how many pounds you'd like. 

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