Redfish Per Pound


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Redfish, also called Red Drums, are sweet, mildly flavored fish. They possess a medium texture, usually compared to Red Snapper, a fish they are often confused with. Although the raw meat of Redfish is not as white as other fish, like its cousin the Black Drum, it will, however, become a pale white when cooked. Redfish aren't considered oily fish, a detail that is important to many consumers. 

 As we move both wholesale and retail, we may on occasion be unable to fill a whole or a part of an order. Should this happen we will contact you on the phone number given at check out for a refund or a substitute. 

Please write in the notes on the check out whether you want skin on or off. If nothing is written we will leave the skin on. 

As this is a hand cut item, all orders are "catch weight" meaning we get as close as possible to the desired weight. 

This is a fresh item sold by the pound, please indicate above how many pounds you'd like. 

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