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Shellfish Love- Dinner For Two

Product Description

Love is shellfish! Skip out on the loud and crowded restaurant this year and bring a romantic seafood dinner into the comfort of your home this Valentines Day. Enjoy sweet, Prince Edward Island black mussels, rich Virginia medium Cherrystone Clams, Succulent Massachusetts jumbo scallops, Maine Lobster tails just waiting to be dipped into some clarified butter, and of course jumbo, wild, Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp. 

Each Package includes the following:
2- (5 Ounce) Maine Lobster Tails
2- (8 Ounce) Jumbo U-10 Scallops
2- (8 ounce) East Coast Countneck Clams
2-(8 ounce) Prince Edward Island Mussels
2- (8 Ounce) Texas Jumbo Gulf Shrimp

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