Swordfish Per Pound


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A prize amongst anglers, the Swordfish is visually impressive and as tasty as it is fierce. The meat is considered both moist and meaty. They also have moderately high fat levels, which has caused many to classify them as a more oily fish. Because they are so large and their meat is so firm, Swordfish steaks are often grilled or prepared in ways more fragile fish can't be cooked.

As we move both wholesale and retail, we may on occasion be unable to fill a whole or a part of an order. Should this happen we will contact you on the phone number given at check out for a refund or a substitute. 

Please write in the notes on the check out whether you want skin on or off. If nothing is written we will leave the skin on. 

As this is a hand cut item, all orders are "catch weight" meaning we get as close as possible to the desired weight. 

This is a fresh item sold by the pound, please indicate above how many pounds you'd like. 

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