Shopping for seafood? Not sure how to determine the good from the bad? Here’s a few helpful tips to make your seafood shopping (fresh and frozen) a breeze!
What does it smell like? Fresh seafood should have a smell reminiscent of the sea, old seafood though will have an almost chemical odor. When in doubt, trust your nose!
Is there discoloration? If the fillet has yellow discoloration or dark edges, it’s a no go. This goes for both fresh and frozen seafood.
Does the seafood appear to look dry? Fresh seafood should be vibrant in color. Seafood that has sat out too long in a display will have a dull and dry look.
For frozen seafood, is there an excessive amount of ice in the package? Frozen seafood may have some ice crystals depending on the item (IQF shrimp for example) but largely, and especially on fillets, they should not be covered in ice crystals and this can be a sign of poor packaging, freezing, and probably freezer burn.
Wherever you go to purchase seafood, make sure you have a reputable monger who knows the product and takes pride in their craft. A good fishmonger will always seek to give you the best product they have, rather than simply trying to move product on you because it’ll be spoiled by tomorrow.