Fresh Shrimp Market

“Shrimp is the fruit of the sea,” as the iconic line from Forrest Gump goes. And it’s very true – especially in San Antonio! With the Gulf of Mexico practically in our backyard, this is the perfect place to find sea food, shrimp especially. Whole sale shrimp is one of the most popular and versatile types of seafood in the US, with millions of pounds being fished every year by generations of Texas shrimpers. Abundant, sustainable, and, of course, delicious, this particular “fruit of the sea” makes south Texas a major player in the shrimp market.

Brown and white shrimp are the most common for cuisine, with brown shrimp being more forward in flavor and white shrimp sweeter and milder. Shrimp are sized and sold by the number per-pound, either whole or headless. For example, headless shrimp of 16/20 count means there are 16 to 20 headless shrimp per pound.  Counts for headless shrimp typically range from 16/20 (the largest shrimp) to 41/50 (the smallest).

San Antonio Wholesale Shrimp

As the Groomer family comes from a shrimping background, we’ve come to be one of San Antonio’s best shrimp wholesalers. We are committed to carrying fresh Texas shrimp in our retail department every week. We also stock whole shrimp for sale to restaurants and wholesalers. Whether you’re looking for shrimp wholesale or just a good shrimp cocktail recipe, our decades of expertise will set you on the right track!

Our expertise goes far beyond shrimp, of course. As a trusted supplier of some of the nation’s finest chefs and restaurateurs, we know seafood in and out and are a one-stop-shop for customers big and small. From commercial kitchens to family gatherings, we balance professional standards with a truly personal touch.