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Monthly Seafood Box in San Antonio

Catch of The Month

Are you getting your recommended servings of seafood each week? Our seafood of the month club subscription box in San Antonio brings you the finest quality of fish delivered directly to your home on a monthly basis with the exact amount of seafood recommended for your daily diet. Each seafood box item is portioned and vacuum sealed to be frozen and used as needed throughout the month, all with free shipping!

Every month you will get portions of 2 types of premium fish fillets. Our plans are perfect for any household including singles, couples, and large families. Every meal portion is between 6 to 9 oz and are vacuum sealed and flash frozen to keep your food fresh up to the doorstep. Store your seafood in your freezer before your next meal. Thawing is simple and fast and should only take a few hours under refrigeration.

Catch of the Month
Cobia Fillet

Get Your Fresh Seafood Delivered to Your Door!

We only provide premium wild caught seafood to make sure our customers get the best deal possible and consistently get their recommended amount of seafood in their diet every month.  We don’t put your food through manufacturing processes that would drain the quality of the food and take longer to get from the ocean to your plate. Order your fresh seafood online and have it delivered straight from our market to your door.  You don’t have to lift a finger to get the same great quality without any chemical additives.  

You’ll receive your San Antonio seafood of the month club subscription box the first week of each month. All orders are sent in an insulated cooler packed with multiple ice packs to guarantee freshness. Your health and wellness are our focus, that’s why we make sure our packaging is frozen, sealed, and insulated to keep your food safe at a healthy temperature.  Even if items arrive slightly thawed, our packaging keeps the food cool to make sure you can still enjoy your seafood without concern for the quality, or your health.

Why Choose Groomer's Seafood Subscriptions?

Groomers Seafood has been family owed for generations and has provided the people of San Antonio seafood subscription boxes, straight from the ocean for generations. Don’t settle for seafood that’s gone through chemical processing and drained of the vital nutrients you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our family always kept our pledge to provide the best seafood for all occasions from restaurants to home cooking. Our fresh seafood can’t be beat.

Get started improving your health by joining our seafood subscription box family and get fresh seafood online sent straight to your doorstep every month!