Crawfish Boiled

Fresh Crawfish Market

Crawfish, also known as crayfish, crawdads, or mudbugs, are a staple of Cajun seafood cuisine! But shopping for them can be perplexing if you aren’t familiar with how the crawfish market works. Although prepackaged crawfish meat lasts longer and is more convenient, it goes without saying that quality fresh crawfish can’t be beat. The question is – how do you find that quality in San Antonio?

Unlike shrimp, crawfish are hard to categorize because they vary in size and quality, depending on the time of year, where they are harvested, and other factors. Different suppliers will have their own categories, but the basic distinction is between “straight run” and “graded” crawfish. Straight run crawfish are unsorted and shipped straight from the field or pond, meaning that their size and quality are left up to chance. Graded crawfish have been culled for size and quality, generally getting bigger and more in-demand as the season goes on.

San Antonio Wholesale Crawfish

The Groomer family has been a trusted seafood supplier since the 1800s. As the supplier of choice for many of America’s highest-rated chefs and restaurateurs, we move over 250 tons of fresh fish and other seafood every year. All this long and far-reaching experience allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the crawfish market every year. We pride ourselves on ensuring you get the best crawfish in Austin, San Antonio, or anywhere you please, every time.

The key difference with our crawfish – and all our other seafood products – is that we work directly with fishermen to get their product fresh from the sea to you, without any detours to processing plants or warehouses along the way. Whether you’re looking to serve Cajun seafood to hundreds of weekend customers or simply host a crawdad boil at your home, San Antonio seafood lovers can count on Groomer’s!